The Holm Security team is expanding rapidly! Therefor it becomes very important to have somebody helping out locally. Khuram surely is the right guy for the job, already having a lot of experience with our company and service-delivery in the past. Like the "swiss knife" he is, Khuram will act a "hybrid role" until the end of 2019, keeping with Sales and helping the company grow as well as mastering the role as Customer Success Manager in the Netherlands.

What do you do at Holm Security?

I'm a Customer Success Manager based in The Netherlands. My main task is assisting new customers.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?
Definitely getting to know customers and helping them. I'm a real peoples person, where my technical background in different levels of support for the last decade really comes in handy when helping customers understand and secure their IT environments.

What is the best thing about working at Holm Security? 
The teamwork! Despite the fact that parts of the team are miles away from each other, communication is clear and everyone fulfills their role with pleasure.

What makes Holm Security such an incredible employer? 
Everyone helps each other to do the job better. There is enough room for critics and fun.

Do you have any special skills outside of work?
I’m like a swiss knife, multifunctional. What more do you need?



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