Oskar is the hard working key player who makes sure our customers are happy. Oskar, a.k.a “The Duke” appreciates quality, regardless if it’s a well working platform or a nice bottle of wine. You rarely find him by the ping pong table. You’d more likely find him sailing.

He has been with Holm Security since the start in 2016.  

What do you do at Holm Security?
I’m responsible for our global customer success program. Part of this is assisting our sales representatives in the sales process as well as making sure that our customers are happy and well educated within the platform. My role requires me to understand both sales and tech to bridge the gap between the two departments and I also play a role in improving our products. 
What do you enjoy the most about your work?
I enjoy being able to work with many different cultures around the world and having the possibility to help improve our platform. I also enjoy getting to travel and work closely with all of our customers.

What is the best thing about working at Holm Security? 
I enjoy the fast and agile work environment and also the fact that I am able to affect the product development as well as the company’s success.
What makes Holm Security such an incredible employer? 
I would definitely say the freedom in planning and executing your work. Having the trust given to me from management is very important.
Do you have any special skills outside of work?
I’m a mean dancer! 



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