Carolina Martell

Carolina Martell

Marketing Manager – Marketing

Carolina’s never too far from having a few laughs and she loves creating new ideas for projects she can put to work. Carolina never shies away from a challenge and even though you’d might never notice it, she’s a really sore loser while playing any game. 

What do you do at Holm Security?
My job is to make Holm Security the most well-known IT security company there is. Although we’re not there yet, I love creating content that gives the audience a real handful of new ideas and knowledge. Being able to be creative in this process is of course icing on the cake. 

What do you enjoy the most about your work?
Being able to let my ideas flow freely is such a blast. A great thing about marketing is that you’ll never fully be an expert. There are always new things to try out and you always evolve while doing it. The best part is reports though, nothing beats a good result!

What is the best thing about working at Holm Security? 
The team! I love being surrounded by driven and open people. The team here at Holm Security is like none other I’ve ever worked with. 

What makes Holm Security such an incredible employer? 
The trust they have in you. I think people thrive when there is trust in their skill and person. 

Do you have any special skills outside of work?
I’m a mean karaoke-singer!


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