Meet Ronnie - Key Account Manager


Before taking on the position as Key Account Manager at Holm Security, Ronnie broke the Swedish junior record at 60 meter dash indoor, as an 18 year old. After competing at the Junior World Championship in Athens he also got the opportunity to study with a full scholarship in San Diego. His sportsmanship and competitiveness is qualities that make him thrive every day in both his work and personal life. 

What got you interested in Holm Security?

For me it’s very important to work with a product/service that actually can improve the situation for a company or a person. I find it very interesting to work with a Swedish company that is expanding from Stockholm to the rest of the world and that is a journey I’d like to be involved in.

What former experiences can you benefit from in your new job role at Holm Security?

I have a background as a professional athlete and I bring my competition skills into sales. Let’s put it this way – I like to compete!

What were your impressions during your first week?

I am amazed that the company has everything so organized! From a sales perspective everything I need is already there. From a customers perspective the products are very straight forward and easy to understand. Also, the underlying values of the company goes hand in hand with what all customers want and that is transparency.


According to you, how can Holm’s products help others?

It’s all about improving the security and save both time and money, which lets the IT department focus on development instead of handling unforeseen hazards. We can help the companies to understand their weaknesses in time.

What are you looking forward to the most in working with Holm?

 I am very humble – becoming the best salesman in the company will do ;)


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