Meet Bujar - Channel Account Manager

Bujar_New employee.jpgBujar describes himself as married and owns a cat named Doris. He loves to spend his time with different projects involving painting, cooking, Thai boxing and watching series in their movie room at home. He also loves to read – basically everything between philosophy and psychology, where one of his goals for 2019 is to read 100 books. 

What got you interested in Holm Security?

When I previously worked at F-secure I got to know about Stay Secure, with Stefan Thelberg and Joakim Segerberg, while doing some partner work. So when I got to know about the role as Channel Account Manager at Holm Security, I was eager to join in, thus I know that great things awaits this company. 

What previous experiences can you benefit from in your new job role at Holm Security?
I am very confident in the role since I have great experience in both the job role and the industry. I have gained experience in what partners are looking for and how to get them motivated in a solution like Holm Security VMP. As well as the importance of gaining a sustainable relationship where everybody’s working towards the same goals.  

What were your impressions during your first week?
So far very good! It really feels great joining this team and start to grind away. The first week has been amazing. I have gotten a lot of support from everyone, regardless of their position in the company. It really feels like a “flat” company, which is something that I find very rewarding. 

According to you, how can Holm Security’s products help others?
That users of Holm Security VMP can really work proactively with their IT-security. Something I believe is absolutely crucial for all companies today.  

What are you looking forward to the most working at Holm Security?
Being able to contribute in building this company into the market leaders that I truly believe we will become.


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