Meet Phijo - DevOps Engineer


Phijo has a background in DevOps where he started his career in 2010. Including 8 years of experience in infrastructure management. He has been working both in baremetal and cloud technologies. 

Originally from Kerala, India, Phijo’s need to explore Europe made him move to Sweden in 2018, where he especially enjoys the city- and culture experience. Phijo loves to cook in his spare time and his masterpiece is chicken roast.  

What got you interested in Holm Security?

Holm Security is the first company where I get to work with a security platform. In the last roles I’ve had, I’ve been working with multiple platforms, but where security wasn’t one of the key parts. But with Holm Security I get to gain more knowledge and experience in this field. Which I look very much forward to.

What former experiences can you benefit from in your new job role at Holm Security?

My experiences in IT, for sure. I have good knowledge on the latest technologies that we handle here, and I have no problem settling in to the infrastructure setup within the company.

What were your impressions during your first week?

The culture within the company is really great! There is no difference between what position you are in. Everyone here is equal. It’s really a flat layer architecture – where everybody loves to play ping pong! 

According to you, how can Holm Security’s products help others?

When I was working at my last company. I set up an open source scanning tool there, which was a really hard thing to do and also manage. I wished I’d had a supporting tool for this back then that could have helped me, and Holm Security is providing exactly this that I would have wanted to have. I guess this is the situation for a lot of us!

What are you looking forward to the most in working with Holm Security?

Being a fairly new company, it’s great for us to have this large amount of customers and I really look forward to their success as well as Holm Security’s and of course my own!  


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